House Detailing Services

At Prim Spruce Services we bring your property to its fullest potential by offering high-quality detailing services.

About Us

At Prim Spruce Services, our mission is to bring houses and properties to their fullest potential by offering detailing services of the highest possible quality. We elevate the aesthetic appeal and durability of properties across Calgary, Alberta, and its surrounding regions. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, we endeavour to provide unparalleled house detailing services that cater to the distinct requirements of each client.

Our Services

House Washing Services

We provide soft washing or pressure washing services depending on the needs and materials of your exteriors.

Window Services

We clean all types of windows, inside and out, using efficient, safe, and effective methods. High or low, we reach every area to ensure a spotless finish for your home or property

Gutter & Roof Services

We provide a complete roof service, we clean shingles including a de-moss. We also clean and clear gutters to prepare your home for any weather conditions.

Solar Panel Services

We offer a unique solar panel cleaning, we are happy to promote sustainability in the Calgary area. Here at Prim Spruce Services we clean and remove all debris from solar panels optimizing their efficiency.

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Monday - Saturday

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